Top Trends in Bathrooms

The bathroom was once a utilitarian sort of place where you went in to do your business and spent little time in - but times they are a changing. A new wave of experiential living has brought all manner of creative gadgetry and design features to make the bathroom a place where you enjoy spending time. Here are some of the top trends in the new age of bathrooms.


Bathrooms now have the option of hi-tech additions such as refrigerated medicine cabinets. These can be useful if you have a number of medicines that need to be refrigerated, or you want somewhere cool to store organic skin lotions that need to be kept cold. For those cooler winter mornings an under-floor heater makes it easier to get out of the shower.

Built-in Sound System

For those who enjoy a soundtrack to life there is the option of having a bath or shower with a built in sound system. This eliminates the need for taking ipods or portable stereos into the bath with you for music.

Water Saving Fixtures

As more people decide to use rainwater as opposed to the regular tap water they become more conscious about how much water they are using in their bathrooms. Water saving fixtures for both the toilet and shower are becoming a popular addition to homes to ensure that they are not wasting this valuable resource. Your sunshine coast plumber can advise you on what is available and help with installation of water saving fixtures to your bathroom.

Hands Free Taps

Noosa Plumber ideasWe’ve all enjoyed the option of not having to touch the taps while in public bathrooms, but you can now have them installed in your own bathroom at home. This is great for people who have children and reduces the cleaning that sticky hands often cause in the bathroom with kids around.

Concealed Toilet and Tub

You can now have your toilet or tub completely hidden from view when you aren’t using them, for something a little bit different. The tub packs away under built in padding that becomes the head rest when it is being used as a bath. The toilet has a cover which turns it into a comfortable chair when not being used as a toilet. You could play a little hide and seek game with guests and see if they can find the toilet when they want to use it!

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