Electricity, Gas or Solar?

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With so much publicity about global warming, rising energy prices and carbon footprints, it can be hard to separate fact from faction. If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, here are some tips to help you make the best choice around your energy options.

Sustainable Hot Water

noosa plumbers sustainable hot waterChoosing a sustainable hot water system is important as hot water is one one of the biggest energy burners.  It makes good sense to choose energy efficient options as they will save you significant money on energy costs over time.

Solar is a good choice for hot water and can provide up to 90% of your hot water supply. You will need a booster when rainy weather sets in. Gas is also an economical option and a gas hot water system will produce around a third of the greenhouse gas emissions of an electric system.

Noosa Plumbing and Gas are happy to talk to you about sustainable hot water  for your needs.

Consider Upfront Costs versus Lifetime Running Costs

Electricity costs virtually nothing to connect and can easily run all your household appliances. Getting electricity connected is as simple as a phone call, however it tends to be the most expensive energy option. Electricity prices are tipped to keep on rising, so you need to weight up the long term costs over short term benefits.

Gas is a greener alternative as it produces less greenhouse gas. It is also cheaper than electricity over the long term. Mains gas is not always available and in this case you need to include the cost of hiring gas bottles into your calculations.

Solar is by far the most environmentally-friendly energy option as it produces no greenhouse gas emissions as it generates energy. Solar can be used to produce all or some of your energy and excess can even be sold back to the grid. It does require a substantial upfront investment though.

Our best advice is to do your homework and don’t hesitate to call Noosa Plumbing and Gas if you want any advice on choosing the best energy options for your home.

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