How to Detect if you have a Leak

Leaking Pipes, Leaking Toilet?

Leaking pipes, leaking toilet is one of the most common reasons Noosa Gas & Plumbing get called out.

Water is the elixir of life, and as important to human’s as the air we breathe. Did you know that a tap that is dripping 2 times per second can lose 25 litres a day? This can really add up in the long run, so ensure that you are not losing any water by checking to see if you have any leaks at your house. If you find one, you might need to get in contact with a plumber who can fix your leaking pipes on the Sunshine Coast. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot until the plumber gets there.

Read the Meter

If you have a few hours to spare while at home, doing a meter read twice over the space of a few hours will assist you in working out whether you have a leak. Firstly go and read the water meter and make a note of what it is up to. Then wait a few hours, without using the water/toilet in the house, and check back to see if there is any change. If there is no change then it means that you are not losing any water!

Look for Drips

Look out for taps that are dripping, pipes that are degraded or any other area of your home that looks to be in disrepair. Keeping an eye on simple maintenance such as this will help you to stay on top of things and ensure that you aren’t throwing your money down the drain.

Check for Dampness

Another way to check for water leaking is to keep an eye on walls, floorboards and cupboards etc. If they start to discolour or look damp then there is a chance that there may be leakage somewhere in the house, which if left over time, can cause a lot of damage.

Check Air-Conditioners

Check to make sure that your evaporative air-conditioner is working properly. If there is a problem with it then it may be using more water than it needs unnecessarily, which will cost you money down the track.

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Is Your Toilet Running?

If your toilet cistern is continually running this common leak could mean that you are wasting up to 260 litres of water a day! One way to check and make sure this is not happening is to put some food colouring in the cistern, and if the colour comes through into the toilet bowl without you flushing the toilet then it could mean that you have a leak.

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